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    Fridge Sale Melbourne Looking for the best Fridge Sale in Melbourne? You've come to the right place! At Appliance Deals, we're excited to offer exclusive discounts on a wide range of premium fridges.Here at Appliances Deals, we have a regular Fridge Sale in Melbourne. Find discounted Hisense, Electrolux, Westinghouse, and Kelvinator fridges on our sale page. With our bargain, you can get these big-brand quality fridges without venturing out of your budget. So, if you plan to buy a new fridge for your home but only have a small budget, browse the Appliances Deals’ Fridge Sale page. Included in our Fridge Sale Melbourne are products such as; Top mount fridge Bottom mount fridge Side-by-side fridge Bar fridge French door refrigerator Single door fridge Wine cooler Chest freezer All of these products are also available in different sizes and colours. Whatever model or specifications you need, we have them covered. Appliances Deals Sale What makes our prices lower? The reason is that our fridges have cosmetic imperfections on their surfaces. Cosmetic imperfections – like carton damage or scratch & dent – does not affect the product’s performance. In fact, the products themselves are brand new and perform the exact same way as a visually perfect product. It is understandable to be wary of our products because of the visible cosmetic damage. However, we assure you that all of our fridges and freezers are covered with a full manufacturer warranty.  Therefore, you can repair any damage when you are still in the warranty period.  Moreover, our fridges and freezers come from trustworthy brands that you are familiar with, like Hisense and Electrolux. This is your chance to grab a cheap fridge without going over the budget you set aside. Browse our collection so you can start shopping and saving now! Visit Our Warehouse For our Melbourne customers, you are more than welcome to visit our warehouse at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169. In there, you can peruse all the fridges we have on display, alongside other appliances we sell.

  • TV Sale Clearance

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    TV Sale Clearance It is time to transition to a Smart TV. With a Smart TV, you can watch videos and films from apps like YouTube and Netflix. Take the time to enjoy endless entertainment with increased connectivity. However, setting aside the budget to buy a Smart TV can be hard. At Appliances Deals, you have nothing to worry about. We have a regular TV Sale Clearance with discounted TVs from big-name brands like TCL and Hisense.  We also have multiple sizes, screen resolutions, screen types, and operating systems for you to choose from. There are Android TVs, 8K resolutions, and 100-inch TVs available as well. The best news is, you can get them without paying the original price. How can our prices be cheaper? All of the TVs included in our TV Sale Clearance are brand new TVs. However, they have some cosmetic imperfections on their packaging. Therefore, they cannot be sold as the 'perfect' TV. However, these imperfections are strictly in the packaging. The TVs themselves work just as any other Smart TVs with the same functionality and quality. They even have a full manufacturer warranty. Hence, you can be assured that the TV you get is the best in quality. If you are interested in seeing our TV Sale Clearance collection, visit our warehouse in Clayton, Melbourne (1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169).  

  • Washing Machine Sale

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    Washing Machine Sale It is possible to get a quality washing machine without taking too much out of your budget. With Appliances Deals’ Washing Machine Sale, you can have a washing machine without paying full price. We also offer dryers alongside washing machines. For people who prefer convenience, there is a collection of washer-dryer combos, too. Therefore, you can have both in one place. Here at Appliances Deals, we ensure you get quality alongside your price. Hence, our products come from well-known brands such as Hisense, Electrolux, and Westinghouse. Cheap Dryer Shopping at Appliances Deals means that you get a cheap dryer without sacrificing quality. Our cheaper price is due to our product having some physical cosmetic damage, like a small scratch or some damage to the packaging. This cosmetic damage prevents them from being sold as brand-new products at a normal price. However, you will get a good dryer and washing machine with the same specifications, size, and performance as a brand-new product. The dryers and washing machines themselves are new, never used and come straight from the factory. To ensure your peace of mind, all of our products come with a full manufacturer warranty as well. Therefore, you can enjoy your purchase risk-free. Shop with Appliances Deals At Appliances Deals, we have regular washing machine sales and cheap dryer clearance for you to peruse. You can get the same quality product for less money here. We also have a warehouse in Clayton (1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169) where we showcase our products for you to see. Visit us and get your dream washing machine and dryer now!

  • Stove Clearance

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    Stove Clearance Setting a budget aside for stoves and ovens is prudent. However, prices for a good brand in the market can be too high. That is why Appliances Deals is here to help you. At Appliances Deals, you can get a quality stove without paying full price.  On our Stove Clearance page, find discounted Chef, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Asko, and many big-brand stoves and freestanding ovens. Oven Clearance Why is our stove and oven clearance much cheaper than other stores? Our prices are lower than the average market price because our products have small physical imperfections in their surfaces or packaging. These damages are more commonly referred to as cosmetic damages. Cosmetic damages can come in many shapes, like scratches, dents, or carton damage. However, these imperfections are only in outward appearances, not on the inside (hence the name cosmetic damage). The inner components of the stove and oven are perfect and brand new.  Moreover, our products are covered with a full manufacturer warranty, the same as every product sold as brand new. Therefore, you can shop risk-free. Visit Our Warehouse at Clayton Appliances Deals is based in Melbourne, specifically in the Clayton area. Interested customers who want to look at our physical product range are welcome to visit us at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169. 

  • Dishwasher Sale Clearance

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    Dishwasher Sale Clearance Shop online with Appliances Deals where we have Dishwasher Sale Clearance regularly! In our online shop, you can find discounted quality dishwashers from trustworthy brands like Westinghouse, Hisense, and Electrolux. We offer lower prices than the market average while giving you the same quality and functionality. You also have a variety to choose from at Appliances Deals. Our Dishwasher Sale Clearance includes freestanding dishwashers, under-bench dishwashers, and fully integrated dishwashers. Choose one based on your preference. Cheap Dishwashers Why do we have cheap dishwashers? Our prices are cheaper than the market average because our dishwashers have some carton damage. Carton damage means that our dishwasher packaging has some minor imperfections.  However, the damage is strictly on the outside. The dishwashers themselves are brand-new products from the factory. They also have the same quality and functionality as other 'perfect' dishwashers. Our dishwashers also came with a full manufacturer warranty. Therefore, any manufacturer damage that occurs during this period is covered by the warranty. If you are interested in seeing our dishwashers, come to our warehouse at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC, 3169.

  • Air Conditioner Sale

    Air Conditioner 21 products

    Air Conditioner Sale Living in Melbourne means living with constantly changing weather. To keep your home's temperature regulated, you would need an air conditioner. Here at Appliances Deals, we have a regular Air Conditioner Sale suitable for your budget. You can check the best air conditioner sale deals on our website. In our online store, you can find discounted Kelvinator and Electrolux air conditioners. There are reverse split system air conditioners, cool-only ACs, and portable air conditioners as well. You can get these discounted air conditioners at a bargain at Appliances Deals. Our prices are lower than the market average because our products have some cosmetic damage on their packaging. The carton they came in with had enough minor imperfections to make them unfit to sell as the 'perfect' product. However, the air conditioners themselves are brand-new units that came straight from the factory.  These air conditioners work just as well as the regular air conditioners sold at other appliance stores. Plus, our products in the air conditioner sale collection come with a full manufacturer warranty. Appliances Deals always make sure that we only stock fully functional air conditioners. Therefore, the only thing that sets our products apart is their affordable prices. Hence, you can rest assured that the air conditioner you buy is of the best quality. If you are interested in seeing our Air Conditioner Sale collection in person, visit our Clayton warehouse at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169.

  • Vacuum Sale

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    Vacuum Sale At Appliances Deals, we provide our customers with a regular vacuum sale. With us, you can get top-of-the-line vacuums without paying the full price. On our vacuum clearance collection, you will find vacuums from top brands like Electrolux far below other stores. Stay updated by refreshing our vacuum sale page to see new products, deals, or brands that we offer. Vacuum Clearance Why are Appliances Deals' vacuums cheaper?  Our vacuums are below the market prices because they have a slight cosmetic imperfection. These slight imperfections are visible in the product's packaging or physical body (like scratches or dents). In our vacuum clearance collection, you can see tags that say 'carton damage' beside the product picture. Those tags indicate that there is slight cosmetic damage to the vacuum's packaging.  However, the machinery and insides of the vacuums themselves are all brand-new. Our vacuums also have a full manufacturer warranty, ensuring that you are shopping with us risk-free. We strive to be as transparent to our customers and we will inform you of every minor imperfection before you purchase. You are also welcome to see our products before you decide anything. Visit our warehouse at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169 and see our product range.

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Appliances Clearance

Electronics is a big part of our life and they all need to be replaced every once in a while. However, appliances prices can be more than what you set aside as your budget. That is why Appliances Deals have regular Appliances Clearance to help you find good quality and affordable products.

Why is our price cheaper?

Our prices are cheaper because we sell appliances with small imperfections on their packaging or surface areas. These imperfections are usually referred to as ‘cosmetics damage’. Hence, they are considerably cheaper than the usual appliances you see online.

However, physical imperfections do not mean internal defects. All of the appliances on our appliances clearance are brand new and work just as well. The machinations that makes the products effective are still 100% as strong and durable.

Moreover, all of our appliances clearance products have full manufacturer warranty. Therefore, if there are any damage, your product will be warranty-covered like any other purchases.

Sales on Appliances

At Appliances Deals, we have regular sales on appliances every day. In our website, you can find a collection of discounted products such as, Fridges & Freezers, Stove & Ovens, Washing Machines & Dryer, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, TVs, and Vacuums.

Click our product collections and see all of our products with the brand name, specifications, warranty information, and prices. You will see familiar brand names like Hisense, Electrolux, Midea, Toshiba, and many more.

Other than our online store, we have a physical store and warehouse located in Melbourne. For Melbourne customers, you can visit our Clayton Warehouse at 1364 Centre Road, Clayton South VIC 3169. In the warehouse, we will have all of our appliances on display for you to see.