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High performance 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner with 180° EasySteer™ manoeuvrability and BrushRollClean™ that gives you the feeling of clean, everyday. Includes a motorized pet nozzle to easily lift hair, dust and dirt from upholstery, furnishings and more.
Ultimate 2-in-1 flexibility
With Ergorapido there is no limit to where you can clean. Its flexible 2-in-1 design with a detachable handheld unit lets you clean areas above the floor such as countertops, furniture and hard to reach places.
Easy to use
The 180-degree swivel nozzle means smooth turning and manoeuvrability on all floors. With an ergonomic design and low centre of gravity, this lightweight vacuum cleaner is very easy to use.
BrushRollClean™ technology
Our unique BrushRollClean™ technology saves you the trouble of having to clean the brush roll with your hands or scissors. An internal blade removes entwined hairs and fibres before they are vacuumed into the dust cup, all with the push of a button.
Pet Power nozzle
The Ergorapido Animal features a specialised motorised brush nozzle designed to easily lift hair, dust and dirt from upholstery, furnishings and more.
Allergy filter
Captures up to 99.99%* of micro dust to leave your home feeling cleaner than ever and endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.*Based 1-3 micron particale size. Measured by IBR laboratories on 19/01/2017.
Lithium TurboPower
The new generation of Ergorapido features high performance Lithium HD TurboPower battery for optimal cleaning performance and longer run time (up to 48 minutes). The LED battery indicator shows when its time to recharge.
LED lights
The Ergorapido nozzle is equipped with Dustspotter™ LED lights to see dust in the darkest areas when vacuuming.
  • 2 in 1 detachable handheld
  • 180 EasySteer™ Manoeuvrability
  • Up to 48 minute run time
  • Pet Power Nozzle
  • BrushRollClean™
Brand Electrolux
Product Type Battery Instant
Model/Part number ZB3320P
Description Ergorapido Animal 18V Chili Red
Bag/Bagless Bagless
Warranty Period 1 year
Main colour Chilli Red
Battery cell, type Li-ION
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