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Vintec VWS170SSB 170 Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet 1 Year Vintec Warranty  

Stable Temperature: Our wine cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your wine in perfect cellaring conditions. This is thanks to double glazed glass, insulated side panels and interactions between a compressor and thermostat. (Digital display varies by model)

UV Protected Dark Storage Area: UV rays negatively impact the quality of your wine. Our cabinets eliminate this treat by incorporating UV treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors and dimmed internal LED lights.

No Vibration: To protect the storage life and quality of your wine, our cabinets have been designed to create a vibration proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers and vibration absorbing wooden shelves. Temperature Range: Minimum: 6 °C and Maximum: 18 °C

Dimensions: Height: 1770mm x Width: 595mm x Depth: 680mm

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