Experience incredible cooking flexibility with the stunningly versatile Electrolux 90cm Freestanding Induction Cooker EFEP956DSE, featuring highly-sought after baking with steam and air fry settings, pyrolytic self-cleaning - as well as an induction cooktop that allows you to merge cooking zones with the Bridge function. For succulent results, the included smart food probe with sensor not only monitors the core temperature of roasts, it'll even let you know when the desired temperature has been reached and will automatically stop cooking to prevent foods from drying out. Use the smart sensor food probe in conjunction with one of the oven functions like Fan Cooking, Traditional Bake, Fan Assist Bake, or Roast. To perfect bakery-style breads from home, allow the combination of hot air and steam in the SteamBake setting to create crispy breads with a moist centre, while the AirFry Plus function in combination with the included dedicated tray delivers a deliciously crisp result while retaining moisture in the centre by the injection of steam during the cooking process. This Electrolux freestanding oven comes with a quadruple-glazed oven door to reduce the outside temperature of the door when the pyrolytic self-cleaning function is in play, and comes with pyrolytic-proof side racks and double action telescopic runners, so for easy cleaning, these do not need to be removed when in pyrolytic mode - simply remove the trays and shelves

90cm UltimateTaste 900 freestanding electric oven with induction cooktop
90cm Dark stainless steel freestanding oven with induction cooktop and 17 multifunction oven, AirFryPlus, SteamBake, pyrolytic cleaning, and smart food probe.
The mesh design of the Air Fry Plus tray allows super-heated air to crisp the surface of food to deliver a mouth-watering fried taste and texture with little to no oil. Steam is added during the cooking process to help retain moisture inside the food, whilst the outside becomes deliciously crisp and golden.
High temperature pyrolytic cleaning burns away oven grease and grime for easy cleaning, without any need for water or chemicals. Simply set the pyro program and wipe the oven clean afterwards. The oven door is also quadruple-glazed to reduce the temperature of the door during cleaning.
For easy cleaning, the pyro-proof side racks and double action telescopic runners do not need to be removed when you select a pyrolytic oven cleaning program, simply remove the trays and shelves and clean away.
The Bridge function allows you to combine two separate cooking zones to create a single large surface. With the temperature and time settings automatically aligned, its ideal for making the most of planchas or roasting pots.
If your current appliance is 9.6kW, as found on many similar appliances, upgrading to this new cooker can be facilitated simply, without the need to increase your homes power requirements.

  • SteamBake : Add SteamBake to your repertoire to enjoy fluffy, yet crisp home-baked goodies.
  • AirFryPlus
  • Twin fan system : Fans rotate in opposite directions, distributing heat evenly throughout the oven.
  • Colour TFT display
  • Smart Food Probe
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning oven
  • PyroProof runners
  • 40 Amp rated power input
  • MaxiZone
  • Bridge function
  • Hob2Hood technology
  • Touch and slide controls : Touch the control bar at the necessary heat setting
  • Split grill system : Select to utilise both of the powerful grill elements, or just the one.
  • Soft close door
  • Quadruple glazed doors
  • Huge 125L gross capacity oven
  • Specifications
    Domestic warranty details (yrs) 1
    Oven fuel electric
    Materials/Colour Dark stainless steel
    Controls of Oven TFT touchscreen
    Built in/ slot in Yes
    Front/rear controls front
    Storage drawer Yes
    Cook top type full induction
    Materials/Colour black ceramic glass
    Trim finish stainless steel
    Removable trim (for cleaning) No
    Wok included designed to fit cooktop No
    Total height (mm) 926
    Total width (mm) 895
    Total depth (mm) 600
    Gross capacity litres 125
    Useable capacity litres 116
    Oven function multifunction
    Number of functions 17
    Cleaning pyrolytic
    Pyrolytic functions 3
    Oven liner pyrolux high temperature enamel
    Lights 2
    Light position top
    Layers of glass in door 4
    Telescopic runners one
    Shelf support side rack
    Number of shelves 2
    Number of shelf positions 5
    Closed door grilling Yes
    Fold down grill element Yes
    Connected load KW 9.6
    Maximum current rating (amps) 40
    Type of connection hardwired
    Cooking zones 5
    Pot sensors Yes
    Boost function Yes
    Left front Watts 2300
    Left rear zone Bridge
    Left rear watts 2300
    Centre front Watts 3600
    Right front Watts 1400
    Right rear watts 1800
    Position of controls front
    Functions of Cooktops stop and go,automatic warm up,timer,Keep warm function,auto heat up,cooking timer with acoustic signal,acoustic signal,booster,automax,Hob2Hood,PowerBoost,MaxiZone
    Timer of Cooktop programmable 99min,auto off,countdown,CountUp,Minute minder
    Size: 90cm
    Colour: Oven: Dark stainless steel. Cooktop: Black ceramic glass
    Capacity: 125L Gross capacity oven capacity
    Oven Fuel Type: Electric
    Cooktop Type: Electric
    Cooktop Fuel Type: Electric
    No. of Burners: 5
    No. of Oven Functions: 17 Oven functions: Fan cooking, Traditional bake, Fan assist bake, Roast, Pastry, Pizza, Cook from frozen, Grill boost, Grill, Fan grill, Keep warm, Defrost, Dough proving, Allow cooking, Eco mode, SteamBake, AirFry Plus. 3 Pyrolytic functions. Cooktop functions: Stop and go, Automatic warm up, Timer, Keep warm function, Auto heat up, Cooking timer with acoustic signal, Acoustic signal, Booster, Automax, Hob2Hood, PowerBoost, MaxiZone
    Oven Functions Type: SteamBake, AirFryPlus, Pyrolytic self-cleaning
    Controls: TFT touchscreen
    Display: Colour TFT display
    Product Width (mm): 895
    Product Height (mm): 926
    Product Depth (mm): 600
    Additional Features: Cooktop: MaxiZone, Bridge function, Hob2Hood technology, Touch and slide controls, Pot sensors, Boost function. Oven: Twin fan system, Cooling fan, Smart Food Probe, Anti tilt plate, Storage drawer, 2 Lights, 1 Telescopic runner, Pyro-proof side racks and double action telescopic runners, 2 Shelves, 5 Shelf positions, Quadruple glazed doors, 40 Amp rated power input, SoftMove Timer functions: Acoustic signal, duration, End, Minute minder, Oven Start / Stop, Countdown, 24 hour clock, fast heat up
    Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
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