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The Electrolux 9kg Front Load Washing Machine with UltraMix Detergent System takes the hassle out of getting your laundry done with its simple, high-capacity design and multiple wash programs.
Key Features
  • EcoInverter motor and a stainless-steel, gentle drum provide smooth, quiet operation and optimum fabric care
  • Add Clothes function enables you to remove or add missed clothes in the middle of the wash cycle
  • Caters to your different laundry needs through various spin speeds, wash options, and wash programs

9kg UltimateCare 500 front load washer with UltraMix
9kg front load washer with 1200 rpm spin speed, UltraMix detergent system, durable ecoinverter motor, Quick 15 minute, Daily 39 minute & Full Wash 60 minute wash programs, 3XL drum opening and time remaining display.
Electrolux front load washers with vapour option removes up to 99.2% of Der f1 (dust mite) and Fel d1 (cat allergen) and up to 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia during a 40C cottons wash.
Reduce your energy needs by up to 50% with a powerful and reliable EcoInverter motor that cuts vibrations and noise to the barest whisper. With the 10 year parts and labour inverter motor warranty your Electrolux will deliver, wash after wash, year after year. *vs Electrolux non inverter motors
Adapt your laundry load to suit your schedule. The Quick 15 Cycle delivers an efficient, 15-minute wash suitable for a small amount of clothes or single items. The Daily 39 program is ideal for your soiled daily loads. And for a regular full load, set to the Full Wash 60 cycle, the ideal one-hour program.
Have you ever started a wash cycle only to realise that you've left a sock at the bottom of your laundry basket? The AddClothes function allows you to pause the wash to add forgotten items up to 15 minutes after the cycle begins.
  • Full Wash 60 : Our Full Wash 60 lets you wash an entire load of normally soiled items in just 60 minutes without compromising on the wash result.
  • Daily 39
  • Quick 15 : A quick 15 minute wash for small or delicate loads up to 1.5kg. Ideal for cleaning and refreshing any urgent items you might need.
  • Add Clothes : With our Pause To Add Clothes function, you can quickly add those forgotten items. It can only be used when the water level is below the door and on programs where the water temperature is less than 60 Celsius.
  • Hygienic Care option
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