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Enjoy Purified Air With EaseWith the holistic approach of its Scandinavian design roots, Electrolux creates an air purifier that is both beautiful and effortlessly functional. New design details enhance ease of operation, including a convenient cable holder, sensor window, and push-button filter replacement. Removes Odours and SmokeThe activated carbon air filter assists in the removal of odours and up to 87% of harmful gases such as TVOCs (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), which are emitted by household products such as paint, cleaning supplies, and tobacco smoke*. The filter absorbs and traps the gas particles to help prevent them from circulating in your air, creating a fresher home environment. Tested to GB/T standard against 9 gases for TVOC efficiency. A Cleaner Room In Just 15 MinutesThe AirSurround system creates a powerful, yet smooth, spiral movement that efficiently circulates filtered air around your home. The spiral outlet creates a robust whirl to efficiently circulate air, delivering purified air throughout a 17 m2 room within just 15 minutes with AHAM Smoke CADR of 200 m3/hTested to ANSI-AHAM-AC1 for CADR. Applicable room size in 17 m2 and cleaning time in minutes are derived from the corresponding CADR value. Connected ConveniencePrecisely monitor and manage the air quality in your home from anywhere to optimise your family’s wellbeing when you’re out, and to ensure you always come home to cleaner, healthier air. The connected Electrolux App allows you to remotely check the particulate matter levels, PM2.5, in your home air and then adjust settings accordingly. For instance, you can adjust fan speed, deem your air quality indicator lights or enable child lock. Purified Air For Better LivingEnjoy the pure peace of mind that comes with assured air quality. With the PureProtect four-stage purification system, your air passes through a pre-filter, antibacterial coating, HEPA 13 filter, and carbon filter. This combined protection removes up to 99.9% of captured harmful bacteria and up to 99.99% of H1N1 virus**, and micro-dust, filtering particles as small as 0,3 micron (m)*** in size. The air purifier is SGS-certified to provide relief from allergy discomfort by removing up to 99% of airborne allergens found in your home air. Its time to relax and breathe in purified air.*Tested for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia, Aspergillus Niger by a third party according to AHAM standard, 2022.**Tested for H1N1 influenza virus by a third party according to JEM and GB standard, 2022.***Filter media tested to NIOS TEB-APR-STP-0059 (2019) at SGS. Tested to JEM/GB-T standards against 9 gases for TVOC efficiency.
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