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Doing the dishes has never been so simple and easy with the Hisense 15 Place-setting Pure Wash Series Dishwasher!
  • Load even more - Accommodate even the largest pots and pans with the highly adaptable and flexible bottom basket and easy lift middle basket. Even the cutlery tray is collapsible!
  • Cleaning Performance - Packed with a wide variety of washing programs and functions dirty dishes are no match for this dishwasher.
  • Auto Door Open - At the end of a cycle the door will automatically open allowing steam and moisture to release helping you to unload with speed, ease and with no extra drying.
  • Easy to use - Touch control and loads of great programs and functions make getting your dishes washed, hassle free.

Plenty of room for plenty of plates

15 Place Settings

Fit everything in one load. With three baskets, you have enough space to stack up to 15 place settings and a flexible interior that can be reconfigured to accommodate for larger pots and pans, allowing you to fit more in every wash, saving you time and effort.

Quiet, efficient performance

Durable Inverter

Our powerful brushless Durable Inverter motor is extremely efficient, providing better cleaning results while saving energy and producing less noise.

No extra drying required

Auto Door Open

At the end of a cycle, the door will automatically open, allowing steam and moisture to be released, ensuring washed items dry completely. This helps you unload with speed, ease and with no extra drying.

Treat your cutlery right

Collapsible Cutlery Tray

The third basket is in the upper part of the tub, which is designed for cutlery and cooking utensils to ensure the best washing and drying result. Designed for maximum flexibility, you can slide half of the tray over the other (or remove it completely) to provide more space for larger plates or dishes in the basket beneath.

Create space when you need it

Easy Lift Basket

The middle basket can easily be lifted or lowered even after loading to provide enough space for even the largest plates and pots in the bottom basket, making this dishwasher truly flexible and easy to use.

Flexible spots for your pans and pots

Flexible Bottom Basket

This dishwasher is highly flexible with its fold-down tines in the lower basket. Since the cutlery rack is built into the top, no cutlery basket is necessary in the bottom basket, which frees up space to fit whatever you may need.

Always clean dishes, regardless the load

Auto Wash

Thanks to the inbuilt sensor, the automatic program will automatically adjust the time and temperature to suit the amount of the dishes loaded and the level of their dirtiness, ensuring you always get an optimised clean.

Greater care for added safety

Hygiene Wash

Hygiene wash is great for when need to clean baby bottles, mason jars, chopping boards and the like! Using a high-temperature 75℃ final rinse in conjunction with a longer washing cycle for sterilisation, eliminating most bacteria.

Less water, Less energy, great results

Eco Wash

This eco friendly program is the best combination of water and energy consumption. Designed for normally soiled dishes, it uses less water and washes dishes with a longer, lower temperature cycle, improving water and energy efficiency.

A focused clean

Zone Wash

Selecting the upper or lower basket, zone wash provides targeted, powerful cleaning in the selected wash zone, so no more waiting to get a full dishwasher load to run a cycle.

Stops leaks before they start

Aqua Protect System

Safely leave your dishwasher to operate at night or when you’re away from home. This anti-flood system will automatically cut off the water supply in case of leakage or flooding and drain the water safely.

The perfect interior overview

LED Lighting

Cleverly positioned LED lights enable an overview of the dishwasher‘s interior, making loading and unloading that much easier.

Get a grip

Basket Handle

With the basket handle, you can easily slide the basket in or out, even when it’s fully loaded.

Ease of use and style combined

Touch Control

Intuitive design with touch controls make it quick and easy to select programs and functions, getting your wash started with just a touch.

Keep your family and dishwasher safe

Child Lock

To provide additional safety for children, this dishwasher and it’s touch panel can be locked, keeping curious fingers from harm.

Set now, start later

Start Delay

This simple, yet very useful function allows you to delay the start of your wash from 1 to 24 hours, so you can have your dishes washed and ready to put away to suit your busy schedule.

Picks up where you left off

Power-off Memory

No need to worry if the power is turned off accidentally during a cycle. Thanks to the power-off memory function, the original washing process will continue where it left off once power is restored.
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