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Hisense’s 8kg PureStream washer is the embodiment of usability and practicality with capacity that makes it very family friendly. With elegant, stylish design, it will fit seamlessly into any modern home. The PureStream washer features lots of high-end tech, including Hisense’s Steam Mix, which deep cleans garments and reduces allergens to leave clothes soft and static free, allowing users to say goodbye to softener. The addition of a WavePlus Drum with 3D ribs maximises washing performance to ensure clothes are cleaned thoroughly and gently.

Quiet, energy-efficient and reliable.

Inverter Motor

With the latest generation of electronics, this powerful brushless motor is extremely efficient, providing better washing results, while saving energy and producing less noise.

For deep cleaning, softness & freshness, and less ironing

Steam Mix

Using the Steam function at the end of the washing cycle provides a deep clean your clothes, leaving them soft without the need for fabric softener. Your clothes will be fresh with less creases and will require hardly any ironing.

High-speed water flow for a powerful efficient wash

Jet Wash

The Jet Wash system produces powerful water flow to dissolve laundry detergent quickly, removing the dirt on the clothes for a cleaner and healthier result.

Pause anytime

Pause & Add

This handy feature allows you to pause washing cycles to add or remove items. That means no more forgotten odd socks left on the floor.

The optimal wash, everytime

Auto Wash

This program was designed to perfectly adjust the wash cycle to the size and type of clothes in your load, catering for a range of materials.

Small loads in just 20 minutes!

Quick Wash

The Quick Wash program is perfect for small loads or when you are in a rush. Washing loads around 1kg will be clean in just 20-minutes.

WavePlus Drum, gentle on clothes

WavePlus Drum

The WavePlus Drum increases washing performance, while also treating fabrics gently, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and spotlessly clean.

Deeper clean for fresh clothes, guaranteed

Drum Clean

The Drum Clean feature cleans the inside of your washer to reduce odour-causing bacteria from the drum without the use of harsh chemicals. The high temperature wash and powerful rotation speeds ensure a deep clean to maintain excellent washing performance.

Not too much, not too little

Dose Assist

Dose Assist allows you to determine the optimal amount of detergent for your load so you can use your washer in the most economical and environmentally friendly way.

Big door for easy loading

Big Door & 180° Open

The Large Porthole Doors give you convenient access to the interior of the machine, making it easy and convenient for loading and unloading laundry.


Firm and Stable

With innovative engineering, the extra stable housing and unique side walls design significantly reduces shaking. Stabilising the washer and dryer with effective spinning and less vibrations which means less noise for you.

Quality standards, quality results

Made in Europe

Developed in R&D Laundry Competence Centre in Lidköping in Sweden and produced in Slovenia, Europe, Hisense’s state-of-the-art Washers are made of high-quality materials. They are durable and reliable with excellent cleaning and drying results. With fantastic efficiency in water and electricity usage, they are very friendly to the environment.
In keeping with Hisense’s policy of constant innovation and improvement, the product and service displayed may vary from the actual product and are not meant to be exact representation of the same. All product descriptions are approximate. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY, SPECIFICATIONS AND FEATURES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Some product features may require additional peripheral devices which are sold separately. Some advertised features, applications and services may not be available on all devices and regions and are subject to change without notice.
Washing Machine Type Front Load
Appliance colour White
Capacity (kg) 8
Litres per wash 59
Spin Speed (RPM) 1400
Control Electronic
Energy use (p.a.) 262
Water Star Rating 4.5
Energy star rating 4.5
Product Height (mm) 850
Product Width (mm) 600
Product Depth (mm) 545
Product Weight (kg) 68
Packaged Height (mm) 890
Packaged Width (mm) 640
Packaged Depth (mm) 627
Packaged Weight (kg) 69
Manufacturer's warranty 3 Years
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