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FEATURES : Window/Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner with remote control auto swing modern grille timer sleep mode blue shield fins and auto restart. (2.7kW cooling – 2.0 stars MEPS 2011) Key Benefits Simple economic and reliable Because there are no separate indoor and outdoor units it’s easier to install a window/wall cooling only model. And because it’s a Kelvinator you know it is reliable and built to last. Control from your armchair The remote control unit lets you conveniently control all functions Fresh air delivery The fresh air return provides additional ventilation to your room and can also assist in humidity control. The easy-to-service dust filter removes dust and other larger airborne particles for cleaner air. Compact The super compact design means that window/wall cooling only air conditioners are discreet and unobtrusive in your home. They are also perfect for cooling smaller family homes and space-restricted areas.
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