With 2 separate zones and insulated side panels, the Vintec 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cabinet helps keep your wine collection secure, organised, and in perfect cellaring conditions.

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Wine Preservation Technology


Stable Temperature

The Vintec 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cabinet maintains a stable temperature, thanks to its insulated side panels, triple-glazed glass, and interactions between a compressor and a thermostat.


UV-protected Storage Area

Keeping your wine collection protected from the harsh rays of the sun, the Vintec 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cabinet is built UV-treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors, and dimmed internal LED lights.


Vibration-proof Design

The Vintec Wine Cabinet is designed to create a vibration-proof environment by including an externally housed compressor, rubber shock absorbers, and vibration-absorbing wooden shelves to protect the storage life and quality of your wine.

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