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Store your favourite wines and spirits in the ideal cellaring conditions so they last longer and taste better with the help of the Vintec 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet. It includes 5 adjustable shelves that can collectively hold up to a maximum of 50 bottles*.

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Enhanced UV Protection

With UV-treated and tinted glass on its door, a dark interior, and dimmed internal LED lighting, the Vintec 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cabinet helps ensure your wine collection is protected from harmful UV rays.


Ideal Storage Space

Equipped with a triple-glazed door and insulated side panels, the Single Zone Wine Cabinet easily maintains optimal internal conditions for your wine. Quick adjustments via the thermostat lets it conveniently adapt to varying storage requirements.


No Vibration Worries

This Vintec Single Zone Wine Cabinet comes with rubber shock absorbers, vibration-absorbing wooden shelves, and an externally housed compressor to minimise vibrations and safeguard the storage life of your wine.

*Based on a Bordeaux-shaped bottle.
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