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A reliable cooking equipment for your kitchen, the Westinghouse 600mm Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker with 4 Burner Gas Cooktop makes it a breeze for you to create family-favourite fried, grilled, baked, and roasted dishes all in one handy appliance.


Make Every Mealtime Easy

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Smart Variety Cooking

Preparing grilled, baked, and roasted recipes is easy, thanks to the Westinghouse 600mm Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker with 4 Burner Gas Cooktop's large 80L capacity electric fan-forced oven. It also has easy clean formed shelf supports for hassle-free cooking on multiple levels.


Powerful, Multi-burner Hob

This 600mm Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker has a 4-burner gas cooktop, including a 14.2mj/hr triple ring wok burner ideal for creating stir-fried dishes with ease. Plus, its cast-iron trivets help prevent cooking equipment from accidentally toppling over while you're cooking.


Simple, Straightforward Design

Safe to use, the Westinghouse Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker has a flame failure device. Additionally, it has front knob controls, a stainless-steel finish, and a 2-hour mechanical timer for added cooking convenience.

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