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Versatile and easy to set up, the Westinghouse Elevated Gas Freestanding Cooker with Oven is a practical centrepiece for your kitchen, able to take on various cooking tasks, accommodate multiple cookware, and provide plenty of grilling/oven space for different kinds of food. Built in a local factory in Adelaide, it’s also proudly made in Australia.

Innovation You Can Be Sure Of

Large Oven

This Westinghouse Elevated Gas Freestanding Cooker comes with a conventional oven with an 80L capacity to accommodate and cook different kinds of food and let you prepare various dishes for family and guests alike.

A Versatile Choice

With its separate 37L grilling compartment and large cooktop with 4 cooking zones, the Westinghouse Elevated Gas Freestanding Cooker with Oven has the flexibility to adapt to varying cooking requirements.

Straightforward Maintenance

Thanks to its specially designed shelf supports, enamel oven liner, and easy-clean door, this freestanding cooker’s oven interior can be quickly and easily cleaned, making it convenient to maintain through regular use.

For Your Convenience and Safety

Featuring easily adjustable control knobs, this Westinghouse Freestanding Cooker with Oven allows for fast setting adjustments of its multi-burner cooktop, oven, and grill. It also comes with flame failure devices for enhanced user safety.


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