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Preserve your wines and help achieve their true taste potential with the Vintec 148 Bottle Wine Cabinet. Highly versatile, it can be used as a single zone cellar for reds and whites or as a multi-temp for serving varietals at optimum temperatures.


Designed for Wine Lovers, By Wine Lovers

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Innovative Storing Technology

The Vintec 148 Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet incorporates Multi-Temp technology to easily store different varietals at their individual drinking temperatures. It is also equipped with a heating function, which delivers constant temperature levels through the cellar all year round.


UV-Protected Storage

To help maintain the good quality of your wine, the Vintec Wine Storage Cabinet is built with UV-treated tinted glass doors, dimmed internal LED lights, and dark interior design, which help eliminate the treat of UV ray penetration.


Vibration-Proof Wine Cabinet

Cleverly designed to protect your wine from vibration, the Vintec Wine Storage Cabinet comes with externally housed compressor and rubber shock absorbers, creating a vibration-proof wine cellar environment.


Practical and Convenient

This wine storage cabinet has a total capacity of 148 bottles and is built with adjustable wooden shelves to easily accommodate your varying preferred layouts. It also features an audio and visual alarm for maximum user convenience.

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